Data Network

The biggest advantage of programmatic advertising compared to traditional media buying is, programmatic advertising allows you to reach your target audience regardless of publisher.

In short, while you are buying inventory from popular publishers, your potential customers may not be actually there. So, let us introduce you Giftad Digital data network!

Turkey’s most up-to-date and refined data is accessible through Giftad Digital. Our advertisers are able to target their audience not only based on interests but also intent with Giftad Digital’s data network which contains leader sectoral publishers.

Data targeted advertising with Giftad Digital’s expanding data categories and unique users allows you to reach your potential customers via all publishers and devices 24/7.

Several audience examples from our network:

Adults with children / Parents

SMBs /Professionals / Employers



Music Lovers

Students / Young Adults

Real Estate / Property Ownership

Travel / Trips by Destination

Economy / Financial Services

Auto & Vehicles / Auto Market

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