Our Methods

Display Advertising

Put an end to wasted budgets on irrelevant inventory, on irrelevant user profiles based on irrelevant assumptions with Giftad Digital. Meet your target clients by scanning the online profiles to find right user with the help of Giftad Digital’s software and wide data network

Traditional CpM Cycle:

Impressions typically sold packaged in bundles of 1000, limiting buyer’s ability to pick and choose only desired impressions.

Due to bundle media buying, user level detailed analysis is lacking.

CPM price is mainly determined by the publisher. The target audience is not the main focus.


Targeted impressions allows buyers to choose only those desired impressions and bid at the impression level.

Detailed user segment analysis based on impressions.

The optimal cost is obtained by means of auction. The main focus is the target audience.

Display Advertising

Irrelevant user profiles based on irrelevant

assumptions with Giftad Digital.

Performance Advertising

You want to promote your new and modern website and to increase brand awareness and recognition as well. Let prospective clients...

visit and examine it

You have a new product launch campaign with a super video ad to bring your brand value in front of customers. Find your prospective clients

let them watch it

You want to expand your audience reach to increase your subscriber number. Let the visitors fill your application form and

enjoy a bigger database of prospective clients

You want to show your difference to users and your target customers who are in-market to buy a new car and take their attention to the new car models in your auto gallery. Invite them to a test drive. Let them visit your site and

fill the application form. Enjoy your new prospects
Performance Advertising

GIFTAD DIGITAL is here to serve you with your

digital performance campaigns.

Performance advertisements with the GIFTAD DIGITAL: CPC / CPL

  • 1.

    We show your ad on different platforms to targeted users.
    Our artificial intelligince based algorithm helps us with
    detailed profiling and targeting the right audience.

  • 2.

    The user clicks on your ad when he/she finds your message relevant. The user is also lead to fill out forms, download presentations, whatever goal the campaign has. We provide only real clicks with GIFTAD DIGITAL.

  • 3.

    We use your budget only for the real users by exluding robots clicks with the help of our technology. (Please see : Fraud Detection)

  • 4.

    You can always determine the specific set of web sites you want
    tour ad to be published on. Our expert team is in your service for 24/7


With our retargeting solution, we keep tabs on your visitors anonymously on the Internet and re-send them your brand message. We use retargeting technology to encourage users to revisit the site and purchase by using dynamic or static banners in display or video ads.

How are we doing it?

  • 1.

    We place a small, invisible code (pixel) on your web site. This invisible code does not affect your website’s performance.

  • 2.

    When a new visitor comes to your web site, the code (pixel) loads an anonymous cookie to the visitors' computer (browser).

  • 3.

    Then, when the cookied visitor browse the internet, this cookie sends an "I'm here" signal to our platform.

  • 4.

    Our platform serves your ad to your bounced visitor within few milliseconds.


we keep tabs on your visitors anonymously on the Internet

and re-send them your brand message.

Retargeting is a robust awareness and conversion optimization method, but it works best if it’s part of a larger digital strategy. We consider re-targeting in a strategy armed with different types of digital tactics that will facilitate both traffic and conversion.

Retargeting Tablo